A Proven Leader in Prime Pressure Sensitive Labels

Alain Paquette

Artcraft Label has been producing pressure-sensitive labels since 1977, a time when label printing technology was relatively unsophisticated. Artcraft led the industry by pioneering breakthrough techniques in plate distortion to develop 4-colour process Flexo printing, providing an enormous improvement in quality and setting a standard that the rest of the industry follows today. Our commitment to innovation remains one of our core values, and we continue to invest in research and development of new processes to provide industry-leading quality at competitive prices. In 2013, Artcraft invested in state of the art Management Information Software and initiated LEAN Six Sigma manufacturing practices. This initiative has enabled us to further improve our process efficiencies and share those benefits with our valued customers.

That's our story, but it's only part of the story, because the true strength of our business lies with the long-term relationships we cultivate with you, our customers. We are dedicated to providing you with value, expertise, and an ongoing commitment to excellence. Our highly skilled work force undergoes regular training to ensure they are the best in the field, and I am proud to work with this dedicated group of professionals. Every one of our staff will go the extra distance to provide the outstanding service that has become our trademark.

Our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and creating added value through offerings such as sustainable packaging remains our top priority. We truly believe that by working with our customers and our partners we can increase your brand recognition in the marketplace while reducing the impact we have on the environment.

We look forward to continued success and growth with you.